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Here’s one of those bonfires the Northern Irish loyalists burn , check out the charming stuff they put on there

As well as the many obligatory Irish tricolours, we have a Palestine flag, an LGBT flag, a statue of Mary robbed from a chapel, and the scrawled words “we’re not racist, we just don’t like n*****s”

And they let these detestable bigots march down the middle of our streets, banging drums, playing flutes and intimidating people. That’s what an orange walk is, if you had any doubt. Fucking vile.

Fuck the Orange bastards.

'Little Scotland' votes for UK unity




People who have no authority on a vote do something meaningless and the result means nothing HEY LOOK I WROTE A BETTER HEADLINE

Also, Corby has a population of 62,000 and 576 voted.

Literally why is this in the news?

'People turn up at some gym hall in England to take part in completely irrelevant task. Better Together campaign manage to clutch at more straws than previously thought possible'

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